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Aiki no jutsu 合気之術 book from 1892 (Meiji 25)

Aiki no jutsu 合気之術 book from 1892 (Meiji 25)

From Jikan Dojo - Kishin Juku Ju Jutsu France Facebook page : "This old book from 1892 include definition of Aiki no jutsu 『合氣之術』 and Kiai no jutsu in Old Japanese martial arts . Sokaku takeda Sensei begin his public teaching travel in historicaly "aiki no jutsu " 『合氣之術』 is not only found in Daito ryu tradition and lineage... "

Message from Kojima Sensei personal Facebook account :

Illusion make invitation to sin

"I will introduce the post of an French police officer engaged day and night to maintain security, this man who is dedicating life to the history search of Japanese martial arts and in the practice Aiki jujutsu (in fact this man is my disciple in my jujutsu private school ).
If you tell me the contents of the post in a word, it is a proof that "aiki no jutsu “ 『合氣之術』 is not a monopoly patent of a certain famous large school.
Why did he have to make a post like this ....?
Do you know that you know the historical facts of Japanese martial arts?
One Japanese Aiki Jujutsu pratictionner wrote that "aiki no jutsu " 『合氣之術』 is a unique art developed by the one particular japanese jujutsu school (NT Daito ryu) , so "aiki no jutsu " 『合氣之術』 would be an original propriety of that school (NT Daito ryu), so in his mind other jujutsu schools can't  use the word and teach "aiki no jutsu” 『合氣之術』" ....

It is because this japanese pratictioner is recruiting new disciples widely in selling complaints about how this is done, and also my disciple of the French branch of my school  was one who received solicitation directly from this man.

This japanese man 's probably not knowing in fact  the real history of "aiki no jutsu "
『合氣之術』 and the existence of this related book ( I also learned the existence of books from my diciple too (laugh)
In other words, it may have been an action of justice being driven by a belief as a martial artist ...

Finally, in this case, there is only one thing I would like to say / "Before you move in to action, first take your back", but this also remarked was also inspired by one advice from my police officer French disciple .... (laugh)"

If you want to know the REAL history of "aiki no jutsu " 『合氣之術』in japanese martial art please read this article below : 

Aiki in the Edo (1603-1868), Meiji (1868-1912), and Taisho (1912¬1925) periods

Original message of Kojima Sensei in Japanese :