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Kurakichi Hirata (Koho Igaku & Taiso)

Kurakichi Hirata 平 田 内 蔵 吉

Hirata is born in 1901 and  is the author of many books on philosophy, national physical education, military andOriental medicine.Hirata entered the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Kyoto in 1922 at the age of 21 years.There he seems to have tried to learn western style medicine but after a year he has changed to philosophy. heWill study among others with the famous Japanese philosopher Kitaro Nishida.He graduated from the University of Kyoto in 1926 at the age of 25 years.In the same year he entered the medical college of Kyoto Prefecture and tried to learn Western medicine again.The following year he published his first book, Shin-no- Tetsugaku:Kyoto in 1927.However, his interest in Oriental medicines made him go deeper into this subject. he workedWith masters in this field and created his own psycho-somatic method based on the 12 zones.


He joined the army as a military cadet in 1929. During 1931-33, he published a series of books on his method, a series composed of 6 volumes on subjects such as Chiropractic, shiatsu, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, a summary on Japanese, Chinese and Western nutritional remedies, acupuncture, moxibustion, psycho-somatic medicine and phototherapy, using Keiraku stimulation and keiketsu energy). Kurakichi Hirata 平 田 内 蔵 吉 died during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945.

Kurakichi Hirata 平 田 内 蔵 吉   and Harumitsu Hida 肥田春充

In 1936 Hirata encountered  Hida, he learned his method (Hida-shiki kyōken-jutsu 肥田式強健術) , and in collaboration with Hida announced a new method for training the center (Tanden) based on meridian  (経絡式中心操練法 Keiraku-shiki chūshin Misao neri-hō) as 国民医術天真法 Kokumin-Igaku-jutsu tenshin-hō" Method of Divine True National Medecine exercices" and they published together a book of 509 pages about this method in 1937.

Kokumin-Igaku-jutsu tenshin-hō (1937)

 Hida Harumitsu and Kurakichi Hirata

Hirata Kurakichi and Okuyama Ryuho Sensei

Kurakichi Hirata really deeply influenced shodai soke Okuyama  since he also resumed his method of working on the 12 zones (the 12 zones Hirata)

What is rarely said or written also is that Kurakichi Hirata is actually the inventor of the method Koho 皇 法 (way of the emperor) in the thirties and by allusion to the emperor it is necessary not to forget the " Extreme atmosphere fascist and nationalist of that time in Japan. 

The  Goshin taiso is not in reality invented by Okuyama Shodai Soke but by  Kurakichi Hirata 

He published a book in 1937 on a method of gymnastics called "national sport" 国民 体育 which describes exactly what will be called "Goshin Taiso" in Hakko Ryu Jujutsu .
Here are some excerpts in picture:

Meridian theory by Hirata Sensei :

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