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Hida method (Tanden training Method)

"This way is not mine, it is not my new method, the masters of the past have already largely said everything on the subject. But what I have done is simply to detail more, and at the same time to popularize this teaching, this knowledge. In addition, I experimented directly with myself on each exercise, and for that, looking back, I can not help but feel a little pride "(H.Hida)

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Who was Harumitsu Hida (肥田春充) ?
 Harumitsu Hida was very frail. As a teenager, he decided to improve his health and began to study alone, anatomy, physiology, as well as the various traditional methods of physical strengthening in the East and West. It leads to an awareness of the essential role of the tanden, the keystone of the oriental martial arts and deepens its knowledge. By his long solitary researches, and by introspection directed principally on the body, he ended by his own method which he called "Sei-chu-shin-dô" (the way of the true center). With this method, he acquired exceptional physical and mental abilities and repeatedly performed amazing feats.

I think of your interest in H. Hida and his approach will increase if you know what kind of abilities he had attained, at first sight their truthfulness raises some doubts. However, there are many consistent testimonies on these points. Let us quote a few sentences that I translate from his work "Sei-chüshin-dô", Hidashiki kyôkenjutsu, Ed. Sôjinsha, Saïtama 1980:
"On the 18th of June, 1922 (at the age of 39), in the night I climbed into my dôjô, which is a small cabin of 4 m ² solidly built on the big branches of a huge tree. The Exercise of the muscles oblique, which is the fourth of my basic exercises. This is the one of the basic exercises I attach the greatest importance.I set myself upright, the surfaces of the wide apart, by arching the pelvis, I raised my hands by the sides to the top of the head, while inspiring. At this time the knees are well held and the body weight must be felt down to the toes.I crossed my hands over my head and stretched out my arms. At the same time, I retracted the chest, dug the solar plexus, pushed the pelvis back and give a round shape to the lower part of the belly. At the same time, I had had the charm of childhood and the center of gravity in bringing body weight back onto the claws.I was absorbed in the repetition of this exercise, ignoring what was in front of me.Suddenly I felt a great, frightening power, which sprang from the center of my body, between the pelvis and the belly, as if I had heard a powerful sound.I had the impression that this force was passing through the floor, penetrating into the earth, reaching the center of the earth and then heading towards the infinity of the universe. I said to myself:"Oh! It is an infinite force! "I was convinced that it was infinite energy, that of the universe, the very source of life. I was filled with immense joy, a consistent and tranquil joy at the same time, like a mountain in the deep calm of the cosmos ...Filled with joy, I performed the oblique muscle exercise using kiaï. When I put my right foot on the ground with a kiai, I heard a thud.What had happened? I saw a hole in the shape of my foot in a solid board 2.5 cm thick. A second time, then. A third time, I did the same exercise. At each test, my foot crossed the board which offered no resistance. In the fourth test, crossing the board, my foot broke the support wood 12 cm thick by clearly marking the shape of the heel. Today I keep in my dôjo the board and the wood of the broken support for the reporter this experience.What does that mean? Subsequently I carefully examined the position and the movement of my body at the same time that great energy crossed it. I awaitfully looked for what reason such force had sprung.I understood. It is from the center, burning like a red-hot iron, that a pure sincerity emanates. I had gone through and had gone beyond the basic exercises of the kata, that is to say that I had formed two equivalent forces in the belly and in the back of the pelvis, which requires a curved shape of the pelvis , The buttocks are well pushed back, the lower belly is pushed down, the solar plexus is no longer dug and the center of gravity was directed above the center of each foot. That is the right form.After having gone through many difficulties, I had reached a final victory. There is only what leaves the body and the mind to that degree. That this sensation is pleasant and pure. How can I communicate this experience to others? ".

The method of transformation

 In pursuing the development of his method, H. Hida then tries the required time for the daily exercise car he thinks it is not about exercising for several hours each day, more than exercising the most Briefly possible to trigger a step Body for the whole day. He thinks That ten minutes per day of daily exercise should be sufficient to method. He then writes:
"As I moved forward in my research I began to shorten the time. Starting at ten minutes, I arrived at five minutes, two minutes and a half. Finally, today I only need 40 seconds to perform The twenty gestures of my exercise in order to generate a great energy from the center of the body. Yet I never imagined that such a thing was possible ... "
In his approach H. Hida adopts a scientific attitude but since the night of 18 June 1922, he seems to have acquired inexplicable abilities. He Many people, different surprising experiences, saying:
" Those are Ridiculous things, quite logical. "

Central power 中心  

Note : Shodai Soke Okuyama used to term of  Kongouriki (金剛力) as power than focuses and come from the Tanden/hara (Hakko Ryu Shodan Higishi Japanese edition).

Kongōriki)'s Japanese Kanji is the compound of Kongou (金剛(こんごう) Kongō), meaning "indestructible", which comes from the Japanese word, Kongousho (金剛杵 Kongōsho), meaning "something extremely hard" or "of extreme strength", which is the equivalent of the Sanskrit word, vajra (वज्र), meaning "diamond" and "thunderbolt", which is a double-headed scepter weapon used as a ritual object to symbolise the properties of diamond; indestructibility and of having the ability to destroy, and thunderbolt; irresistible force, in Hinduism, and Riki (力(りき) Riki), meaning "strength".

No transmission
One point to note is that there is no continuity in the transmission of the HIDA method, that is, if some may claim to have been a student of HIDA, Authorization to represent his method which he never wished to institutionalize. Most of the teachers reconstructed the method from his writings. This is why it is necessary to practice and find out by oneself the keys that make the difference.

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