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From Daito Ryu Hiden Mokuroku

Historical & Technical analysis from Daito ryu Jujutsu 
Hiden Mokuroku 大東流柔術秘傳目録

The Hiden Mokuroku scroll was the first certification level in Takeda Sokaku's Daito Ryu and the oldest known example of this catalog dates from 1899 (the eimeiroku of Sokaku begin in 1898).

This is due to the fact that of most of his personal enrollment books (Eimeiroku) and payment ledgers (Shareiroku), in which he had recorded detailed information on his teaching activities, have been preserved. These books contain the names and addresses of students, techniques taught, when taught,  amounts paid, and other relevant information.  

Takeda Sokaku's Eimeiroku

During his lifetime Takeda Sensei taught about 30,000 students and some of them were politicians, military officers, judges, policemen, and other persons of high social standing from all over Japan.
He certified approximately 30 peoples as Kyōju Dairi (教授代理, "representative instructor") including many famous martial artists ( Yoshida Kotaro, aikido founder Ueshiba Morihei, Matsuda Toshimi, Sagawa Yukiyoshi, Horikawa Kodo, Takuma Hisa , Yamamoto Kakuyoshi ).

Takuma Hisa Sensei and Masao Tonedate of Asahi News dojo received Menkyo kaiden in 1939

Sagawa Yukiyoshi , who was propably his highest student, received Menkyo Kaiden ( 免許皆伝 total transmission )in May 1938 and in September 1939  Seito-Sōden (正統総 Inherited total transmissions).

Sokaku awarded this Hiden Mokuroku scroll to the students who participated to 3 periods of  10 days seminar.  

Hiden Mokuroku 1905

 Hiden Mokuroku received by Ueshiba Sensei from Takeda Sokaku Sensei

 Let's have a look on 5th techniques "Dai Go Jo " :

Translation below :

In Kishin Juku Jujutsu Shoden Mokuroku we call this techniques Mune Osae Dori
 (video by Kojima Makoto Shuhan)

Let's have a look on 8th techniques "Dai Hachi Jo " :

English Translation below : 

This techniques is Tokimune-den Daito ryu is named Kote gaeshi in the Ikkajo program (see below in this video).


"Aiki" in Daito ryu

We can make comparison with katate dori kote gaeshi in Aikido (by Morihiro Saitō Sensei)

In Kishin Juku JuJutsu Shoden mokuroku we call this technique Kote gaeshi too (video below by Kojima Makoto Shuhan)

Let 's have a look now on first technique of the scroll  "Dai Ichi-Jo " :

Kishin Juku Shoden Uchi Komi Dori (by Kojima Makoto Shuhan)

Let 's have a look on 8th technique "Dai Hachi-Jo " of  the 20 kajo in antachi waza
( 座半立Suwari handate  half -seated techniques) :

Let 's have a look on 10th technique "Dai Ju-Jo " too in Tachi waza (techniques in standing position) :

In Kishin Juku Jujutsu Shoden Mokuroku we call this techniques Shiho Nage (video by Kojima Makoto Shuhan)

In the final part of Daito ryu Hiden Mokuroku scroll we can find two  techniques with use of an Umbrella (kasa dori) :

傘 umbrella

It was interesting to study this Hiden Mokuroku scroll and in conclusion we can easily notice the great influence of the Daito ryu (via Matsuda Toshimi Sensei who received Kyoju Dairi in 1929 ) in our Kishin Juku JuJutsu.

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